July 4, 2008
By divya chaurasia, Bhopal, ZZ

Sometimes, life is not like it is expected to be
Sometimes, you feel suffocated even though you are free
Sometimes, you don’t realize how wonderful you are
Sometimes, happiness may seem to be too far
Sometimes, all you want to do is cry
Sometimes, you wish you could break off and fly
Sometimes, everything seems to be black n white
Sometimes, you don’t realize it’s all perfectly alright
Sometimes, what is happening may seem cruet to you
Sometimes, you don’t know what is fake and what is true
Sometimes, everything around may seem to be killing
Sometimes, you don’t know what exactly you are feeling
Sometimes, it seems weird to live and smile
Sometimes, you believe that you are dead for a while
But sometimes, life gives you a surprise
Sometimes, god sends wishes in disguise
Sometimes, it’s good to accept and break free
Because sometimes, the hidden joy is what you don’t see.

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