July 4, 2008
Why, oh why,
Do you feel the need
To constantly yell and cry
At me?

It is true that I’m slow
And may be a bit sluggish
At times.
I admit that I’m idle
Every once in a while.
And yes,
I do saunter around,
Taking my time.

But it still isn’t right
To accuse me of laziness,
Indolence, or languor.
And it is even worse to call me
Lazy, slow, dumb.
I may have some trouble
Dealing with time,
Juggling my priorities,
Possessing problems with procrastinating,
But that doesn’t mean
You can constantly pester me.

Okay, okay, I’ll do it
I grudgingly say.
Why won’t you stop nagging me today?
Of course I’ll finish the work…
But just wait a minute.
Can’t you please be patient
And hold on a bit?
I always get it done,
Though it might take a while
But trust me –
I will go the extra mile.
I really, really, sincerely will get it done…

Just not today.

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