July 4, 2008
By Cynthia Lam, Westfield, NJ

Why, oh why,
Do you feel the need
To constantly yell and cry
At me?

It is true that I’m slow
And may be a bit sluggish
At times.
I admit that I’m idle
Every once in a while.
And yes,
I do saunter around,
Taking my time.

But it still isn’t right
To accuse me of laziness,
Indolence, or languor.
And it is even worse to call me
Lazy, slow, dumb.
I may have some trouble
Dealing with time,
Juggling my priorities,
Possessing problems with procrastinating,
But that doesn’t mean
You can constantly pester me.

Okay, okay, I’ll do it
I grudgingly say.
Why won’t you stop nagging me today?
Of course I’ll finish the work…
But just wait a minute.
Can’t you please be patient
And hold on a bit?
I always get it done,
Though it might take a while
But trust me –
I will go the extra mile.
I really, really, sincerely will get it done…

Just not today.

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