Would you have it any other way?

January 15, 2012
By Blanchemelech SILVER, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
Blanchemelech SILVER, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
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Sometimes you can't move forward until you turn around.

Why can’t you hear my screaming?
Just like you’d always been scheming.
Forgotten a place of dreaming.
Darling, can you feel me breathing?

We’d been speaking the old words.
I peer out the window, at the plighting birds.
The feelings of dismay had been coming in herds.
It seems as if we’d been moving backwards.

The words that rhyme with you.
There aren’t many, just a few.
The tension between us, can you feel it too?
You would make me leave with no point of view.

I’ve been gone a long time.
It seems as if I can’t rhyme
The words that make me better behind
The curtain I close when I’m feeling sublime

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