You Weren't God

June 29, 2008
By Rose Behar, Baie Verte, ZZ

You Weren’t God

Slowly, slowly
You turn away from me
From my brain
From the smile on my lips

You never much cared
You like loud
And I’m not proud
Of how I acted, wishing I were someone else

But it wasn’t sad
Matter of fact
Felt in my heart
I shouldn’t be myself

What was the look on you’re face
When I walked out the dirty doors
I had so many times before
Knowing I had to came back in?

I smiled and I didn’t say bye
But the look on my face
As everyone cheered
-Or I just felt it-

Betrayed that I was only too happy
To slowly, slowly turn away from you
Your brain
Your smiling lips

And shout that you weren’t god.

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