January 15, 2012
Hello Insomnia
You bring me late nights, dark eyes
Shaking me like the wind in the blinds
We watch cartoons together
No more sweet dreams, ever

You pull my eyes open
While my body brings them down
A constant battle for consciousness
Looks like you’re sticking around

The moonlight is an old friend by now
We never sleep, just sit on the couch
Mindlessly staring, waiting for the rest that never comes
The TV is blaring; creeping through the cracks of the shutters
Here comes the sun

When I can’t sit up, and you can’t hold on
My eyes fall closed, I’ve waited so long
You slip away, and I start to rest
My breath is steady with the rise of my chest

As if I’ve found what I’ve been searching for
I let my dreams invade my mind
The sweeping feeling of make-believe
Don’t rush yourself, take your time
Goodbye Insomnia

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