July 3, 2008
By mriganka panjwani, Vizag, ZZ

Tiny buds await burgeoning
into flowers frolicking in sunlight
Eager to sprout and grow
out of the fading shades of the night

High above await the clouds
eagerly wishing to fall free
And rain as the elixir of life
pouring the sweetness of liberty

The sun awaits the night's end
To rise and gloriously shine
To scatter its light all around
And such a desire is mine

Nothing to hide within myself
Free to fly with wings unfurled
Free to stand tall and strong
Entirely exposed to the world

But like the sun and the rain
And the tender unfolding flower
I await to be entirely capable
I await the arrival of the right hour

And once the sundial has shifted shade
I will finally be truly free
Soaring skies above the highest
and scanning the deepest sea.

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