morning thoughtlessness

January 14, 2012
It's 2 am and I feel so numb. If I could only taste the burning of alcohol down my throat, for you I would. Elusive emotions running through my veins controlling my body's every senseless move, my thoughts almost unbearable to breathe. Countless times I cry to bathe in the moment of restless peace, to a place of mindless existence where I might not have to miss everything you were to me.

and I'm laying here feeling so vacant when I'm standing next to the shadows of all I want to be, making every step to hear a noise of some ghost haunting me. If i could wrap my arms around your neck, trace you gracefully like a silhouette, beat you till there's nothing left maybe I'd fine the beauty of it all broken like glass on the floor. Because even when you're broken, you're still you're own kind of beautiful.

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