June 30, 2008
By Alayna Crouch, Noblesville, IN

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Opportunity knocks on my door
La la la and blah blah blah
I am not listening
Listening to your words
Listening to the rules
Listening to the clock go tick tock

I am running
Running from words
Running from restrictions
Running from time running out

Before I know it I am falling
Falling from the ground
Falling from a tree
Falling from a plane
Falling from grace

Spiraling down down down
Into dark dark water

A hand extends toward me
A friend, a former enemy
My friend
My companion
My shoulder to cry on
My diary to write in
She pulls me from the cold wet
Saving me from my own darkness

Now I hear sound
Not mumbling water
I hear words; sweet, sweet words I forgot
I hear rules, come about by love
I hear the tick tock of the clock, less demanding now

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Opportunity knocks on my door
No la la la or blah blah blah
I am listening to your words
I have changed

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