July 3, 2008
By Marshall Jessup, Genoa, NV

it's electric you know,
everytime it's so slow.
and the time it stops,
with all the exciting drops.
and it's the only thing i cling to,
with the class just looking right through.
nothing to see,
yea nothing to see here.
cause it's just a boy and a girl,
and they're just in a whirl,
turning about, around and around,
saying so much, without a sound.
But i'll be there to catch you,
yea if it ever falls through,
because i know you'd do the same for me,
it's the shout that is said, silently.

so just spin around,
without a sound.
and let the world melt away,
abandon your role in the play,
and just be you,
and listen to watch is true.
Whatever it may be,
with or without me.
because i'll still be here,
trying hard not to breathe in your ear.

so just follow your heart,
like you should from the start.
don't let the mind trick you,
don't be torn between the two.
Just close your eyes girl,
and let him give you a twirl,
and then open your eyes,
he should be able to do it, and not even try.
so close your eyes now,
and you'll know it somehow.

but either way,
close to you, i will stay,
because i promised you, i'd never leave,
and i wear my feelings to you on my sleeve.
so just be happy here,
with or without me dear.
Because you know i'll hold onto this rope,
and there will be no reason to mope.
as long as you are happy girl,
so go ahead,
give it a whirl.

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