If I Ran The World

January 14, 2012
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If I Ran the World
If I ran the world
My favorite shirt would never
Have a hole in the armpit
My favorite fuzzy socks
Never a hole in the toe.
If I ran the world
Pop bottles would never
Fizz up and explode
And mistakes wouldn’t be mistakes
Before them, the right choice we would know.
If I ran the world
My nail polish wouldn’t chip
My makeup wouldn’t smear
And paper cuts wouldn’t
Insistently bleed.
If I ran the world
I wouldn’t lose one glove
And have to wear a mismatched pair
Hunger and thirst
Would never be a need.
If I ran the world
My pencils would never get dull
Gum would never lose flavor
Hate wouldn’t be a word
Love would be all we’d have.
But if I ran the world
I would make many changes
The place we call home
Might not be the same
If I ran the world
There would be no imperfections
And that might turn out
To be a losing game.
So if I ran the world
Instead, I’d make you see
Why the world is perfect
Just the way it is.

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