Sometimes I wonder...

December 21, 2011
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Sometimes I wonder what it would be like,
If you would have lived,

I know you were on this Earth a short 3 days,
But to have a brother would have been great,

I often say I’m an only child,
Because what else can I say?

I wonder if we would get along
Most siblings fight, maybe we would,
Who knows?

I’ve seen the 1 picture mom and dad have of you,
I don’t really know whether we look alike or not,

A lot of people say they envy me,
Being an “only child” and all,

If I had you with me,
Sure I wouldn’t get as many things,
Probably wouldn’t have my laptop or iPad,

But I know I would be bored less often,

Mom and Dad say losing a child changes you,
Maybe having a brother would change me, too.

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