Who do I love more?

January 17, 2012
By Cassandra Wesker BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
Cassandra Wesker BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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Who do I love more?

Friday December 23, 2011. (Happened on)
My aunt mentioned her Christmas wish; it was to have the whole family at church together. Her mother, (my legal mother but biological grandmother) said “NO, I don’t like it and I do not want that thing in my house.” Meaning she didn’t want God in her house. I am so frustrated because she says she believes that there’s a god, a heaven and a h***, but she doesn’t like church or the mention of it. I don’t know what to do! My aunt mentions church and requested I go to. Truth is I want to; oh I want to go so bad to be there and be me. The thing my “mom” doesn’t know is I spent the last two hours crying in my aunt’s arms and in her kitchen, telling her everything I had been bottling up that has been going on. She said “You’ve got to keep talking to me because when you don’t I just assume everything is alright.” She knew how and she how it all is living with her mother because she lived there only a few short years ago, with her young daughter and newly divorced, she knew what I was and am going through all to well. That day my grandmother told me I had to choose her or my aunt. I choose my aunt because she treats me well, like a daughter; she teaches me wisdom and life, she lets me be me and doesn't degrade my confidence and self esteem,more important she’s like a mother to me. So the final question is “Who do I love More” because my heart and mind both say my aunt!

The author's comments:
it actually happened and i NEED feedback!!!

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