10 Years Down the Road

January 7, 2008
A small cubical in the back is were she sits
Typing every breaking news
In the town paper
Eyes only on the notes and the computer screen
Most of the time Janey will be there.

Janey is mostly typing the latest news
For the Columbia Paper
Being nosey in other people’s stuff is what Janey does best
Anything to get a good story on the front page

In high school Janey was a friendly person
She cheered her whole way through high school
And loved every minute of it
She looked forward to the day when she could write
A good story and be on the front page

Well her dream came true
She has had a story on the front page last week and
Is working on her second one. She is moving up
Janey loves the excitements of every story
And learning new things every day
Her second favorite part is the sports page
Because she can interview the latest athletes
She loves to make the games so exciting Even if they lose.

When she is not typing away
Janey is at her nice big loft in downtown Columbia
(The good part) sharing it with her best friend
She loves to have parties and hang out with her friends,
When she is not sitting in her cubicle in the back where she sits.

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