No Luck or No Treasure

December 21, 2011
By itslove.23 BRONZE, Worthington, Minnesota
itslove.23 BRONZE, Worthington, Minnesota
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Those long and lonely
nights all alone. she
sits their in the dim
darkness. He never comes
home shes all alone.

He calls once or twice
without even using the
dice, Her tears are pouring
down like rain. Wheres her sunshine? will he remain?
or will he stay in the game?

She dials his number with so
many wonders. but he doesnt
pick up without any luck

She falls to the ground like she
got struck by a cloud. Her eyes
are red as fire and all thats left
is the phone hanging from the wire.

Hes gone forever and now she lays in the horrible dreaping wheather with no luck or no treasure.

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