December 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Your childish acts have crushed my heart to ways I can’t explain
The things I’ve done and everything else has brought me nothing but pain
You tell me that you love me though I just cannot believe
The things you’ve done, my feelings you shun, nothing will be the same

This cooped up anger inside is slowly eating me away
You’ve said your worst now let me ask, do you have anything else to say?
I believed your lies, you criticized my every thought and quote
You pack your bags, set the flight & leave nothing but a note

I’ll have you know my life’s been hell since the day you walked out the door
Texts, phone calls, letters, voicemail; Ignored ignored ignored!
I figure that you take it as you wish to never see my face
I understand now I guess we need to keep our space

I’ll pick myself up, head held high and proceed to living life
I’m over with the countless days that only led to strife
I’ll leave you now, nothing more than a thought that used to be
The brightest star in all the sky, you meant the world to me

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