Just a kiss

December 19, 2011
You're into her, and I'm into he.
We are just friends, you and me.
With her you share a meaningless kiss,
Surely nothing can come from this.

She was a user, she breaks up with you.
You like me, I like you, too.
A playful action, my hand you kiss.
Maybe something good will come from this.

I meet your parents, you meet mine.
We go out for the very first time.
You say good-bye, lay upon m cheek a kiss.
I can feel it, something good is forming from this.

We continue going out, together for hours and hours.
Perhaps, that adorable relationship could be ours.
On my forehead, you plant a kiss.
I'm really beginning to enjoy this.

You still like me, quite a bit.
But in a relationship, you will not get.
It hurts to end it, especially like this.
But I was never a relationship to you, Just a kiss.

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