The Scientific Rhyme

December 19, 2011
By Licjr BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Licjr BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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I once met a man who thought science was pointless,
That it was all just a waste of time.
I told him, “Sit down sir, and listen to this:
My scientific rhyme.”

Do you own a car?
Do you rely on your trusty automobile?
That thing wouldn't get far,
If somebody hadn't invented the axle and wheel.

Have you ever gotten a cold or the flu?
Ever need to visit a doc?
He gives you medicine for what ails you,
to make your illness stop.

Science gives us power
In every sense of the word.
Have you ever lost electricity for an hour?
The following boredom is absurd.

The man nodded and told me, “Okay, that's all pretty cool,
But what about the stuff that's all research?
To care about that would make you a fool,
Just thinking about it makes my stomach lurch.”

I thought for a second and said, “Give me your phone.”
He pulled out an iPhone, the color of coal.
How did they make a gadget that lets you talk wherever you roam?
Scientists figured it out while they studied a black hole.

All science is vital, it gives us medicine and drugs,
It gives us better food,
And knowledge about dangerous bugs.

It moves our cars and planes,
Our boats and trains.
If your house is burning it puts out the flames

The man sat, pondering,
As I thought he might.
I stood there wondering
If he had seen the light

Finally he said, “Okay, science is great,
With all its laws and theories.”
That's my goal: To end science hate
Even if I have to answer a few inquiries.

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