May 4, 2008
By Aimee Neiman, Fairlawn, OH

Look past the ugly, fat girl I appear to be,
Really look at the inside of me.
See my thoughts, my opinions, and my beliefs,
See my talents, my humor, see my dreams.
I’m not just the dork you think I am.
I have feelings! Can’t you understand?
I’m not just a statue, I hear what you say.
When I walk down the hallway, you stand in my way.

All I did was stand up for myself,
I’m not gonna be like everyone else.
I’m just not gonna cry in shame,
If you didn’t realize, I have a name.
I’m not “The girl who talks back”
I’m not “The girl who’s fat”
You don’t have a right to threaten me,
You shouldn’t call me fat, though I appear to be.
I said “Back off!” What’s the big deal?
I just didn’t want you to know how I feel.

Yes, you made me sad, angry too.
It’s always on, and on about you.
Why are you so popular, yet so cruel?
Before I knew it, you were queen of the school.
I think I know why they pick on me.
It’s because I’m different, and have originality.
Yeah, I wear jeans, but they’re not name brand.
So, I wear makeup. You think noone else can.
I’m not afraid to stand out of the crowd.
Being different makes me proud.

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