May 4, 2008
By Cathy Le, Chatsworth, CA

i feel you standing beside me
we don't say a single word
i open my mouth to speak to you
but i'm at a loss of words

you didn't shatter my heart into pieces
but you still took a piece with you

i don't know what i'm looking for, from you
i know i shouldn't expect any more, from you

you didn't exactly cut my heart in two
but you took a part of it with you

i'm sorry i'm not what you're looking for,
and i'm sorry i can't change your mind,
i'm sorry that you never look to see
all these words i write to you.

you didn't even really tear my heart apart
but you left a deep enough mark

but i never want to see that smile
disappear from your face
and i never want to see you be unhappy

i'm sorry i'm not who you're looking for
and i'm sorry i can't do a thing to change your mind
i'm sorry most of all,
that we can never be the same again

but i love to see you smile
and i love to see you happy,
even if it's not with me

so i'm not sorry for how i felt
but i'm so sorry that i'm losing not only that
but also you

i don't want to lose you any more than i already have,
and that's what breaks my heart.

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