Peace and War

May 3, 2008
By Jessica Williams, Granite, IL

I see a young girl dance
On a stage made of dreams
With the heavens above her
And the stars at her feet

She dances to the sounds
Of raindrops and midnights
In a dress of moonbeams
And shoes of sunlight

Her face shines forth
With a radiant light
Her smile as sweet
As a midsummer’s night
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hear a young boy sing
Of troubles, hates, and despairs
On a stage made of sadness
And long forgotten cares

He sings to the sounds
Of teardrops and long days
In a suit of darkness
And shoes of delays

His face is shadowed
By hurt and mourn
His sadness as strong
As his clothes are torn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So now that you see the difference
Between peace and war
Tell me fighter tell me
Which do you fancy more?

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