May 3, 2008
By Zack Wildes, Whitefield, ME

Love notes keep falling from the skies
Tear-drops twinkle as they fall from my eyes
Words unfeeling they’re so deceiving
I can’t understand the emotions I’m receiving
Fist-clenched hands are shaking as I cry
Silent tears are streaming from my eyes
I heard what you said, but I don’t believe it
I reach for your hand, but you try not to see it
You turn to leave, I won’t let you go
I have all these feelings….for you, I must show
I try to explain, to you….and myself
How I placed our love so high on a shelf
Left there alone, neither willing to trust
The bonds of our love, began to rust
But before this was all said and done
Before all the heart-breaks and struggles were won
You once said “Forever, I’ll love you” a bitter-sweet lie
And now you have left me, on my doorstep to cry

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