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May 3, 2008
By Faradae Renner, Somerset, NJ

It's the tension and pressure thats destroyed what I've had.
The words that I can produce from my key board have no correlation to what I can vocalize.
I have more potential then what people can envision.
This latent appentence of holding the world's problems in my hands is miraculous.
All I want is to be is more then what I am because i'm a washout.
I hear music, sing songs, and engross myself in the damaged compassion that is now gone.
Dont let the pain divde you for who you are.
They says she's cool in her own way, compared to what other people think of her.
It's the foreshadow of her own disappearance , why can't that be me?
Stuck in this lonesome world trying to communicate.
Although it's so hard to relate, just for the minute.
Pure friendship takes time but the hate combined with yourself takes a second.
What I can see at my window is the blind's protection from the sky.
It's wondering heavens crosses my mind to soon fly.
One day I will be a super hero sailing what was once my abolished habitat.
Saving the one's i adore never to abhore is one step close to my fortunate life.
I used to find fault in everything by blaming it on my semi charmed chance.
Why did i blame it, when all that was happening was just the new product of me.
I'm just like other people but im a bit shallow towards this hidden sunrise.
Everything has been givin to me so i can breathe in the smell of effort.
Before I was this depressed mess although now im swiming in achievemnt for you.
Love is in frount of you dont ignore it because your destroying its self.
I just wont include their name just for this.
Words on top of words cant persude the mind until an example has occured.
Until I leave you wont see whats hitting you tonight.
But I can see the world, from these near sighted eyes.
Lucky chances bring me closer to the crime.
I'm wishing you were all mine, to stop.
Heart broken once or twice.
Going back to roll the dice, of misfourtune coats you a price.
Stronger then ever thanks to the ones who built me up.
Dont break me down anymore.
Im roaming the world up above higher then ever before, all thanks to you.

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