I Smile I Shed to Conceal

May 3, 2008
A smile I shed to conceal
Unshed tears of a beautiful, but depressed soul.

I've done great feats,
but you tell me I'm unworthy of reward.

I love I and hate I fore
the beauty and the demon coincide the same I.

It seems like every year a new demon of you appears
ready to further tarnish a once beautiful soul.

The hope to eradicated you are constantly denied fore
terrable side-effects and interactions step in my way.

I want to live and flourish,
But you say I must die.

I refuse to die due to you,
because I am better, stronger and smarter than your lies.

You can push and shove,
but I wont budge.

I will fight your darkness and lies.

I will not be one of your teen statistics.

I will defeat you and I will SURVIVE!!!!

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