Now I Know the Meaning of Work

May 3, 2008
By Manika Jain, Ratlam, ZZ

Why are these bonding?
Why is this handcuffing?
The pressure on me, is so proud,
That it stick to my head, And lingers till bed.

I have to bear all these pressures,
I have to scandal all the rumors
I have to go through the rugged path
I have to make the difficult start

How I wish he could accompany me
But the our ends could never together be
Desperation, aspiration, determination all comes to me
Now it’s me, the lonely me!

Now I know the meaning of work,
The pain of tired hands, with the daylong headwork
The rumble of hungry stomach
Feeding two hungry mouths

Now I know the dad’s troubles,
Why were those refusals!
Like a bird feeds her young ones,
I nurture my nest being the only one.

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