A Heart's Observation

May 2, 2008
By Nikki Wilson, Marengo, IA

As you look into my eyes,
I think of all our tries.
Our struggle is incomparable.
Through our toil we have become inseparable.
My love for you will never cease.
I love you with my whole body, every piece.
I look at you and all I see is us,
Our lives, our past, and our future.
How much both of us have had to mature,
With our maturity we together have become one.
To some our relationship has to much complexity.
I think that is the reason you still stand next to me.
This malady throughout me must be contagious.
You feel it too, it’s luscious.
When I’m with you my heart beats slower.
All I can do is move even closer.
Your warmth puts me into an almost slumber,
Like the rays of sunlight in summer.
Even after you have left, your presence still lingers.
My oath, forever you I will love.

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