The Kind and the Lion

May 2, 2008
By Faith Stein, Puyallup, WA

The greedy king in his great red cloak,
Sat haply on his high backed thrown,
Sipping at his wine.
His lovely daughter, in her magnificent blue dress,
Directly to his right,
she sat, but never spoke.

If there was one thing the king did love,
It was gold!
He sat and sipped and counted his loot
for hours on end,
all the while, his daughter sat but never spoke.

But after a few too many weeks,
The king’s gold began to run short.
“O! What shall I do without my gold?” he cried,
What indeed?
The king’s daughter sat, but never spoke.

One day a great lion stepped into the king’s grand court,
With his huge white teeth and vast curl of mane,
He was truly an awesome sight.
He roared as he entered,
Sending the king into a fit of terror.
The king’s daughter sat, but never spoke.

“What, fierce lion, do you wish of a humble king?”
Came the cry of fright from the throne.
“I, humble king, wish only for your daughter.” Said the lion,
“But no, fierce lion, do not take her!”
“In return, O humble king,” came the lion’s stern reply,
“I shall award you this satchel of gold.”
“Then take her and be gone!” cried down the king,
his daughter sat, but never spoke.

And so, the fierce lion lead
the king’s lovely daughter from the castle,
As the king sat and counted his prize.
But only as he pulled for the bag,
The very last piece of gold,
Did he realize with a shock his terrible mistake.
But it all mattered no,
For the lion had long since gobbled her up,
Leaving the king to sit alone on his high backed thrown.
He sat, but never spoke.

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