you can have the world

December 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Cry little sister,
cry little brother,
cry for love because they can't find a mother,
sadness slips through our hands like
they can have the world cause we have each other,
Cry big sister,
Cry big brother,
Don't be discouraged because of sexual orientation because of an visual lover,
Be yourself and take your head from under the covers,
Cry Grandpa,
Smile Grandma,
The generation gets younger,
and their Minds get Bright,
but dimmer with temptation,
ready to take off for flight,
turning slowly,
but steady,
for the people get heavy,
they can have the world,
every boy and every girl,
their words of kindness heal the world,
words of weakness Kill the world,
they can have the world,
to some it's worth diamonds and pearls,
but for me it creates emotional swirls,
they can have the world,
that God Created with blessings and temptations,
but now i say they can have the world.

The author's comments:
they can have the world for when it causes me pain and hurt to gain when I'm left out
and stuck in the rain
to much temptation and lose to gain
but things like religion keep me sane
but when we cross the line
there's a raft
like a careless hurricane
please lord they can have the pain that world that you created
but now I'm just waiting
but flashbacks my mind is still erasing
my heart beats anticipating
but I'm learning my lesson
I'm done with this earthly session.

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