December 21, 2011
The water trickles down your face, the cool liquid kisses the flesh and skin
It touches your body and slides down your back
It teases the spine, the peach color fuzz
Your feet soaked to ankle height in oasis water
Your feet are free from cover, and bathe themselves in pleasure
As the water trickles down your gracious arms, it streams down the long fingers and drops into gravity’s embrace
Time seems endless in the cool breath of water
Soon you are old, your toes and finger tips are wrinkled
You can do anything you want in the water
It comforts you in the water’s flowing currents
You dance, you sing, you do the silliest things
But as long as the water doesn’t tell
It shows you how beautiful and graceful you are and shows the features that make you
It speaks when rushing down from a waterfall of crashing water onto the rock bed below,
Bounding on them with hammers and chisels, building mountains of pebbles that sit on the river bed
It gives to everything and everyone
The water trickles with no end

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M2MD said...
Feb. 12, 2014 at 8:23 pm
Very Refreshingly poetic!
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