Sestina to Embarrass

May 2, 2008
By Bari Schwartz, West Chester, OH

We were at the basketball game.
My friends and I were watching from the top bleacher.
My dad was viewing from the bleacher in the front.
There was one bad call.
My dad stood up as fast as a bullet and went crazy.
All my friends could see my dad’s show.

He stood up in the front bleacher.
As we were trying to watch the basketball show.
He was in vision of all my friends as he called.
Outwardly being embarrassing, right in front.
His words reverberated through the gym and we were not able to see the game.
We could only see my father going crazy.

Most of my friends didn’t even understand what was wrong with the call.
They were laughing at my dad up in front.
“I didn’t know her dad was so crazy!”
They just came to watch the game.
Not realizing they would get to see a free hilarious show.
All of it could be seen from our back bleacher.

My dad just thought that call was crazy.
Was it that bad of a call?
He had to have known how embarrassing that was for me to have all my friends see him put on such a show,
Him sitting where everyone could see in the front bleacher.
He did the weirdest thing in the whole universe up in front!
After all, it was only a game!

I can’t believe he did that odd show.
Yelling at the ref in the game.
As he leaped up off the bleacher.
I definitely think he’s gone crazy.
And it’s all over a stupid call!
If only my friends hadn’t seen him in front.

That was so embarrassing, why did he have to choose the seat in front?
My friends still laugh about how he went crazy.
As we attempted to enjoy watching the game.
My dad just had to show
How weird he is as he leapt from the bleacher
Over something as meager as a call.

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