A Summer Sestina

May 2, 2008
By Katie Lentz, West Chester, OH

I feel the heat of the sun as it pours all over my body.
I see the kids splashing about in the pool.
Everywhere kids run freely without a care in the world.
No school, no homework. Freedom.
It must be summer.

I join the joy and happiness of kids all around the world.
I go swimming and spend my days relaxing around the pool.
I breathe in the warmth of the day. The air is full of scents of summer.
I spread the summer love with every ounce of my body.
I take it all in devoted to every inch of my freedom.

Summer is the time to unwind your body
Take away the pressures of school and enjoy the freedom.
Kids spread the joyfulness of summer around the world.
Parents love the kids’ happiness that lasts forever during summer.
It is a time to relax around the pool.

I worship the season of summer.
The air and energy that flows through my body.
Summer weather can be spread around the world.
It is a time to rest and enjoy the pool.
Kids love to express their freedom.

Summer is the time when kids enjoy the pool.
Everyone has a sense of freedom.
When joy and happiness are spread throughout the world.
Everyone enjoys the energy in their bodies.
Everyone loves summer.

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