Sestina in the Sand

May 2, 2008
By Michael Egan, West Chester, OH

Waves crashing against the shore
coming from somewhere out there,
rolling in with a flushing, pitter-patter noise.
As I lay in the soft cushioning sand
underneath the warmth
I’m relaxed and happy.

As I just lie there,
I’m called to the water by the noise.
Between my toes I feel the warmth.
Like a trained dog called by its master I stand up on the sand
and I’m happy
as I stand on the shore.

I play in the water and am happy.
I spend hours out there
until I go back to the shore.
Water deafening all the noise.
My land legs step onto the sand
into the refreshing rays of sun and the warmth.

On the boardwalk people make noise.
So, I leave the shore
to cool off from the warmth
and go there
I’m very happy
And wipe off the sticky salty water and the sand.

After a while I hear a noise.
My mom calls me from somewhere out there.
I have to leave the shore.
Leave the warmth.
Leave the sand.
I’m less happy.

Tomorrow I go back to the shore to feel the warmth
and lie in the sand. I’m happy
to go back there as I go into a state of meditation, shutting out all noise.

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