Rainbow eyes

January 11, 2012
By ZoeAmanda BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
ZoeAmanda BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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Rapid movement as your
Staring out the window of the train
When we lay next to each other
I gaze into your rainbow eyes
So vivid
Never can predict the color
I can’t take my eyes off them
They tell a story
One that you and I share
And no one else will ever know
Your eyes smile when you look at me
It makes my body warm
My heart beat fast
Your eyes make me wonder
Wonder about everything that’s on your mind
Hazel, Gold green and blue
All mixed into one
Intriguing and beautiful
Jealous of them I am
I can always tell when you’re angry
Your eyes frown and burn with rage
I can tell when you’re sleepy
And the rainbow begins to fade
To blackness
Covered by your eyelids
As your head rests on me
And here I lie
Ready to see you open
Your sparkling gems
When you wake up

The author's comments:
In Creative writing for my final I got to chose a topic of my choice this one, is something I am attracted to from the opposite sex. I Chose eyes because they intrigue me.

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