Black April

May 2, 2008
By Vincent Nguyen, Westminster, CA

Like the rabbits,
Chased out of their burrow by a pack wolves
Like the doves,
Thrust out of its nest by a hungry bear below
They all cried for help
And the deer came to rescue them
But it was no use
The deer cannot defeat the wolves and the bear
So it went away
The doves flew over sea to hide
Some made it past
But some did not
It happened the same for the rabbits.

There are no differences between
The rabbits, doves and the Vietnamese people
On April 30, 1975
The Communist(Viet Cong) took over South Vietnam
Some traveled oversea
Some traveled by land
Some were rescued, but most were swallowed by the waves of the sea
Young women were kidnapped and murdered by sea pirates

Some made it past,
Like my family
And many other families.

As Vietnamese-Americans came to new land
They also brought their traditions and faith
They all gave thanks to God
And to the country that opened their hands to received them
For giving them a second home
A home of freedom, liberty, and justice.

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