You Told Me Lies

January 13, 2012
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All is not well, all is not good,
The cheating heart to stop beating, it definitely should.
Sly conversations and well planned lies,
Have finally shown through their heady disguise.
A plan of vengeance, of payback, just desserts,
My mind toils with magic, not of this earth.
A vet I am and shortened lives I see,
Some may be called to rise and do bidding for me.
Depth of soul, pieced together odd parts,
A cat tail, a rabbit head, a dog's loyal heart.
Together I stitch and connect parts matched and mixed,
Well placed electrodes waiting for the charge to be switched.
A heart begins to beat, a leg starts to quiver,
An eye flutters open, I feel a cold shiver.
Live my creations, awake and arise,
Your help is now needed to assist a demise.
I'm the reanimator, the awakener, the gift,
My bidding is done without delay of shift.
Small in size, but great in number,
They shall awaken that foe as he lies in slumber.
Guilt, you had none, nor any remorse,
The pathway to punishment is now on course.
You told I was the only one you desired,
You told your young assistant she was all you admired.
Her youth, her beauty, her adoration,
You felt justified in your fornication.
As the administrator of justice, Dr. Frankenstein I become,
My monsters of vengeance no longer creatures of fun.
Birds peck, cats claw, dogs they shall bite,
One goal, one desire, one angry fight.
If one shall be thrown, two shall come in its place,
To complete the deed, to destroy the foe's face.
He pleas for pity, his cries of pain,
Shall fall on deaf ears of creatures insane.
I'll be your last vision and thought as you go,
Wishing for redemption, I will only say no.
The crime shall be punished, the breaker of hearts,
My justice my rules, my choosing of darts.
You lie at my feet, unmoving and still,
This carnage is lawful and I have not had my fill.
The assistant is next, her life is mine,
She will be punished, she is now out of time.
Come, my minions, the next deed must be done,
This must be completed before the rising of the sun.
Away we now go, away we now fly,
It is now the mistress' time to die.
In her bed she sleeps, with another man no less,
This woman is foolish, this justice will leave a mess.
How dare she steal my love's lust and desire?
Too bad her still beating heart is what I require.
She screams in agony, anger and fear,
Her choices have killed all she holds dear.
She and her partner now lay on the floor,
Skin, muscles, tissue, their faces are no more.
You may call me estranged, you may call me insane,
But my wrath isn't something you should take in vain.
Cross my heart and hope to die,
And if you do, I'm the reason why.

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