January 13, 2012
You scare me sometimes,
I think about it everyday,
When you shrug your shoulders
After i ask if you're ok.

I used to see you all the time,
Back in middle school.
I knew that you were ok then,
And not just playing it cool.

You scare me sometimes
Whenever you refuse
To let things out
Because your fear of being abused

You're so quiet on the outside,
So incredibly shy.
I fear the guys you hang around,
Are tearing you apart inside

You scare me sometimes.
When you talk about cutting.
And with all the sad songs
You insist on singing

I'm afraid for you,
Just so you know.
When you talk of running away,
I'm scared to think you might really go

You scare me sometimes.
When you don't talk to me for days.
I think i should be mad,
But just know ill be here, always

My parents think you're a bad influence
But they don't know you like i do.
You were always my friend,
And i don't want them to be true.

You scare me some nights.
With your vague texts.
When you leave me clutching my phone,
Waiting for your reply and refusing to rest

We were great friends
Back before everything changed
But i haven't seen you in months
And somehow things got estranged.

You scare me a lot 
When you start to cry
And i know i can't stop your tears 
But i have to try.

You take things so seriously,
Just cut the sobs and stop the weeps
Take a deep breath.
I promise, It'll help you fall asleep.

You scare me. All the time.
When i think I'm just being used.
But if i leave, I'm afraid to think
Of what would happen to you.

But i think I'll stay,
Because that's what friends do.
And I'll always be there,
If it means saving you

You scare me, 
Much more than I'll say. 
But I'll keep all of it inside
Because I'm afraid to hurt you in the worst kind of way.

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