Afraid of the Dark

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

You used to say i was special,
That i had some kind of spark.
You convinced me that it was ridiculous
To be afraid of the dark.

You were so charming and calm,
What more can i say?
And as for my monsters,
You helped me chase them away.

But i helped you too,
You had monsters of your own.
But the thing you feared most,
Was being alone.

I could cheer you up, 
And it was easy to make you laugh.
We had the time of our life,
When we passed notes in math.

I was always there,
To get you to smile,
To dry tears and just
Make you laugh for a while

Things were fantastic,
When you were around.
I thought all my monsters
We're dead, in the ground.

Together we were brave,
It was so much better than being alone.
And When bad days arose,
We would laugh for hours on the phone.

You made me forget,
All my monsters in the dark.
By going on wild adventures 
And having picnics in the park.

And Whenever i couldn't sleep
You would always smile and remark,
That you would protect me
From the monsters in the dark.

You made me smile
When i just wanted to frown.
I felt like a queen,
You even gave me a crown.

And even though everything was wonderful,
Much more than just great,
I still cringed from shadows,
Where the monsters used to wait

But i hid the lingering fears,
So incredibly well,
That throughout all our adventures,
You were never able to tell. 

Whenever you did catch a glimpse
Of the fears within me,
You would always say
That we make the perfect team

All that time we spent laughing,
I'll never forget.
You'll never know 
how much it all meant.

You're gone now,
It's not your fault you couldn't stay.
But ever since you left,
I couldn't keep the monsters away

With all the lights on,
In the middle of the night
I still wonder if you're all alone
Or if you're alright.

Because i am so worried
About what happened to you,
Because i know how you got
When you were feeling blue.

Everyday, I find myself thinking
Of all the times i miss.
And It doesn't seem healthy
To constantly reminisce 

You were always there,
And i never thought there'd come a day
That you would leave
And go so far away

I wonder if it's still so easy
To get you to grin.
But all these unanswered questions
Make my head spin.

But i don't have 
much time to think
Because all these fears
Keep me on the brink

In the darkness,
The monsters have returned.
And while they were gone
It seems they've learned.

There numbers have grown,
And they're here to stay
Because there is no one left
To help me chase them away.

But now that you're gone,
So is the spark.
And I am absolutely terrified 
of what waits In the dark

The author's comments:
I hope people will understand that everybody has monsters, and sometimes they need help to fight them off.

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