One Who Gains the World Loses His Soul...

May 2, 2008
By Alexandra Gadison, AURORA, CO

My blood is red just like the next man’s
The only difference…
I’m a prodigy, a born calamity!
Hungry to be in the spotlight, no unjust spite
The mood is out of sight, flashing lights.
Its A-L-E-X get it right!
Fresh of the plane like “Konichiwa Snitches”!
My passport is limitless.
The life I want to live I can’t deal with it.
We are an entity no remorse for the here we’re right now…
American idol? I can do it as well as they do.
Ain’t nothin’ but leavin’ ya last breath
When ya give ya soul because everything you touch can turn to gold.
I crush my enemies no contest.
I’m not a judge but I know when to plea guilty, I am but one
No criminal… it’s subliminal what ya hearin’, wearin my
Favorite gold earrings.
Please no hard feelings, PLEASE don’t hate just because
I’ll be an all time great like Alexander
I know he was the opposite sex
But what can I say we can’t ALL be the best.
Mesmerizes, I know I seem really appetizing,
Not suprising I’m just me.
Loud, black, and proud the godfather of soul
Made that a statement now.
So I say unto to you as the story comes to a close
No one knows the future to unfold.
The one who gains the world losses his soul…

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