Will I Make it to That Day?

May 2, 2008
By Jennifer Estrada, Aurora, CO

I am a struggling senior.
With two weeks left of school
I find myself stressing I find it hard to stay in school
I mean it’s my last year I should be having fun I should want to ditch.
I am a frightened 17 years old I don’t know what’s next.
I have many dreams but will I be able to accomplish them
I am so close to the end of my most important accomplishment in my life.
Will I make it?
I see my self with my cap and gown and pretty high heel shoes,
Walking across that stage getting my diploma that say I successfully made it.
With family members and friends clapping and cheerful yelling of joy.
I can see my mom and dads eyes filled with tears of joy telling me “I told you, you could do it!”
Will I make it to that day?
I hear my Guardians telling me “You see it was worth your time, I’m so proud of you!”
I see myself going to college having a good career, and when I am done maybe getting married having kids but will I make it to that day?
The only person to blame if I wasn’t to reach my goals is I.
I am trying hard like I said I’m a struggling senior
But my biggest fear in life is…
Will I make it to that day?

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