Sestina of My Hidden Sides

May 2, 2008
By Amanda Lin, West Chester, OH

Maybe they thought
That the side they saw
Was my only side.
But there are sides to me
That they have never
Seen- those sides I hide from them.

Everybody gets to see a different side of me.
My parents may have thought
That I always abide by the rules and never
Do wrong. But that is just the side
Of me that I thought was right for them.

Most teachers will never
See the rowdy side of me.
Polite. Quiet. Respectful. That’s the side they see.
I’m the perfect angel…they think.
But they don’t truly know me- not all my sides.
But that’s because those sides weren’t meant for them.

And my friends. What about them?
My friends are the ones that know me
The best. When I’m with them, I don’t need to think.
There are many sides that my friends will never
Know. The side I show adults they will never see.
But at least my friends get my best side- my exuberant side.

Strangers will only know me by what they see.
I won’t let strangers get inside of me.
I’m careful with them, before I act, I think.
But it’s good for them to not know all of my sides.
Revealing all of myself to them
Is a never.

Will anyone ever see all of my sides?
If I find the right person, I think
They may see all of them.
But they’d have to be perfect. I will never
Let the wrong person know all of me.
When the right person comes, all of me is what I’ll let them see.

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