Summer Sestina

May 2, 2008
I spend everyday with my friends
No more homework, no more school
I hope summer will never end
Sun brings the warm weather to Ohio
We take pleasure in it and bask in the fun
With my shades on, I feel so cool

I’m so stoked that there’s no school
Because summer things are much more fun
There’s no place I’d rather be than Ohio
Since without Kings Island, my bliss would end
My number one priority is to be with my friends
Even though we’re not so cool

I take a plethora of pictures with my friends
By the pool where the water is cool
While we jump off the end
Of the diving board, oh how fun
We have forgotten our worries about school
Just enjoying our summer in Ohio

I’m getting dumbed down by my lack of school
I’m getting a little fed up of Ohio
Don’t get me wrong, summer is still fun
But it’s just seeming a little less cool
I still love partying with my friends
And I’ll still be sad to see summer end

Summer is about to come to an end
Because the weather is starting to get cool
But we’ve created some memories and had some fun
That will help us through this year of school
So we head back to Lakota, which is famous in Ohio
Maybe I’ll make some new friends

Hopefully next summer I’ll still be in Ohio
Hopefully I’ll have double the friends
Hopefully I’ll have just as much fun
Hopefully it’ll be super sizzling, not cool
Hopefully I’ll have done A+ work in school
Hopefully I’ll write a better sestina, it’s time for this one to end.

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