Sestina for You

May 2, 2008
I used to love the way you’d laugh;
the sound that sprinkled around
me, dancing in sunlit rainbows
around my pool of memories.
While we wondered what might be
tomorrow in our lives, thinking.

But now all I have is memories
because you left me thinking
about what might have been
if you had gotten around
to staying and seeing the rainbows
that appeared when you laughed.

You were everywhere, all around.
But you weren’t where you should have been.
You just weren’t thinking
of me and the rainbows,
lost without the sound of your laugh,
trying in vain to create memories.

And now all that’s left are the rainbows,
solely making up my memories
as I try to look around
for the sensation of your laugh,
trying so hard to think
of what I wanted to our lives to be.

I can sense you telling me to be
strong as I conjure up the chords of your laugh,
imprinting you forever in my memory.
I sit here thinking,
images of you twisting all around
as a shadow starts to fall over the rainbow.

And now I’m alone to think
of the used-to-be-rainbows;
the ones so attuned to your laugh.
I’m wondering where I will be,
led astray, with only your memories
to guide me since you no longer dance around.

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