Sestina to Embarrassment

May 2, 2008
By Kunaal Sachdeva, West Chester, OH

I got into the car and got embarrassed.
My shocked eyes fell on my mom.
For she was singing a song.
Not an oldie, a rap.
Boy was she bad.

So, I just turned it off.

She glared at me as I turned it off.
She didn’t know I was embarrassed.
She didn’t know she was a “mom”.
She wasn’t aloud to try to sing that song.
Her attitude wasn’t meant for rap.
It made music look bad.

Everybody thought it was bad.
Everyone was ready to hop in and to it off.
They laughed at me, which made me more embarrassed.
They all knew that very song.
Crap is what they thought of her rap.

On MTV, they played that rap.
The curse words made it very bad.
Yet she was upset as a raging bull when I turned it off.
If I cursed in front of her friends, she’d be embarrassed.
She would feel like a kid, not a mom.
If I sang an oldies song.

Before that incident, it was my favorite song.
It was on all the radio channels that played rap.
After hearing her rap, it made the song bad.
Now whenever I hear it I turn it off.
No one is around but I still feel embarrassed.
My memories go to that day with my mom.

She still doesn’t understand it because she’s a mom.
She doesn’t realize she ruined my favorite song.
Even now, she still attempts to rap.
Even a kid like me would not try to croak out that rap because we would sound bad.
I wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t turn it off.
If she kept going, how much more would I get embarrassed?

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