I Am Myself

May 2, 2008
By Courtney Freeland, West Chester, OH

Meet me at school where I am quiet.
I do not like talking up a storm and driving people mad.
Sometimes I just like to hang out
And be by myself,
Cause talking to people is not the reason
I come to school every day.

Meet me at home. Each day
Something at school gives me a reason
To storm into the house with a mad
Expression on my face. The way I talk is anything but quiet
And I get on peoples nerves. Soon I snap out
Of it and become more myself. Or maybe this is myself.

Meet me at a concert. I can finally let myself
Go. The rock music is anything but quiet
And I love it. Sometimes it drives me mad
With excitement. The euphoria is the reason
It leaves me yearning for more every day
To let my wild side hang out.

Meet me with friends. When we hang out
There is no stopping our antics. Every day
Somewhere, our laughter never has a reason
And no matter how offensive, I never get mad.
Heck, sometimes I start it myself.
All I know is, with them, I am never quiet.

Meet me with my sister. Sometimes we are quiet,
But that’s almost never the case. We like to go out
In her car by ourselves. We do it almost every day.
I am never by myself
At home, cause we share a room. Sure she makes me mad
Sometimes, but after an hour we always forget the reason.

So my life has many sides, but for some reason
They all fit me just fine. They are all myself.
Some days I am quiet,
Some days I like to speak out
Some days I’m happy, when others I’m a wee bit mad.
But through all my emotions, I am myself.

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