Teen Spirit

May 2, 2008
Part One- me and you

Golden post (When)
and the holy ghost (can)
caught us sitting where we (I)
ought to stand (Get to you)

Me and you (It's)
roll in the fresh mountain dew (been)
trying just to understand. (along time)

Jonny told me nothing could be done, (I)
Cyndi said that she just wants to have fun, (Think)
take a look at me and you, ( I love you)
somewhere in between. (Or is it just to pass the time?)

Our hearts fused (Am I in love with you?)
together we muse (Is this just a passing phase?)
why are we here when we ought to speak? (I have no idea, in many different ways)

Take a look into the past, (Kisses)
songs written to, well, maybe last (On)
homicidal butterflies, (Your tounge)
flesh drilling crawfish (Never)
superhuman watching eyes, (To be)
will you be my coffin? (Mine- don't die.)

Part Three- sins

God cant save us now,
we've crossed the line into sin,
life is now out only bitter medicine.
God should be my judge
but my sins are mud
dragging me to the cross.
I've never done a single thing
but live and lust and cry and breath.

Part Two- Burn

Take a look my baby burn,
January set the earth in the cold motion,
hold on, don't fall off. Child's
drink the taste of the liberty. Golden
frozen mayflowers bloom posthumoresly in golden hatefull hast of man.
Let the memoirs of man set in the stone
Let the bloody history of all carve into my happy bones.
Please, I don't want to watch you burn your ego,
could you do it a bit more privatly?

Part Three-craw worms

Hush my golden slumber deep. You
hush as the craw worms drill holes in your feet,
but listen to the song of hope. Fatefully
drowned with your song of gloat.
Sleep tight
may the craw worms drill in your feet tonight
somber kisses on my tounge.
The death of my heart's love- is it written in the sun?
I lost you awhile ago
but it only goes to show
that everything th craw worm needs
it gets for it's self as it feeds.

Part Four- goodbye

Hey, look at my face
do you see the echos, do you see the trace
of your impact on my soul?
I'm ok, are you?

Hey now, is anything wrong
I'll cry with you,
I'll die with you
is anything wrong?
Sitting ontop of my mental wall
I take a chance, let it go
will it crush me?
I don't know.
I lost you awhile ago
but it only goes to show
that everything th craw worm needs
it gets for it's self as it feeds.


craw infested

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