May 2, 2008
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

Competition is so fierce
Everyone fights to survive
They’re even willing to betray
And manipulate their peers

It’s so sad that people have to act like animals
They fight to be the best
People think that having the best cars,
The best house, the best clothes
Is what they call “success”

What is success?
Is it being rich?
Is it being the smartest one in class?
Is it going to the best college?

That’s not what I call success
What I call success is
Living your American dream,
Achieving your goals in life
Not because you think you have to,
But because you want to

This is your life
You don’t have to be the best
You don’t have to act like something you’re not
Just try your best in what ever you want to do

Competition is a good thing
Because it motives people to try
But it’s just ridiculous
That we, as humans,
Could do anything to be the best,
Even step on other people’s dreams

The world is unfair
And everyone knows that
That’s life
And competition is part of it
So we have to accept it

The only thing we can do is struggle
Struggle to survive,
Struggle to be the best
Struggle to live the American dream
Struggle to achieve one’s goals in life

Life is unfair
And all we can do is struggle
But there will be a day
When everyone succeeds

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