Can You Open My Eyes?

May 2, 2008
By Lucy Rivera Hendricks, Lexington, KY

Was it safe to open my eyes?
mother told me to keep them shut.
"i'll be back" were the last words i took in.
my head buried in-between my knees,
i can feel the blood wrapping around my legs.
Freezing air was bitting my skin.
Excruciating pain all throughout my body caused by barded wire.
My teeth shiver, frighten they'll hear me.
I'm curled up in a tree. Little creatures crawling around my feet.
Humans took the enjoyment in hurting us too far.
I'm unable to see the bright side to all this suffering, is it there?
oh God! please! will you open my eyes?
as days go by its getting harder to have faith.
Take me! i no longer have the strenght to stay.
I'm slowly collapsing.
Mother told me it wouldnt last long.
it keeps going, nothing will make them stop.
Mother told me this was temporary.
she also said she was comming back.
Its been days.
I think Mother is gone.

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