Happily Betrayed

May 2, 2008
I am going through the bad alone,
Whose feeling doesn’t matter that are shown
Who doesn’t care she’s happily betrayed,
Doing things alone not mean or afraid,

She thinks her family turned their backs,
She will get in trouble for some of her acts,
The acts that darken her heart with hate,
Her destiny in front of her still waits,

She tried to be good happily betrayed,
She’s going through life unafraid,
She thinks that betrayal ran its course,
And that betrayal is a bad source,

Her heart was torn with betrayal and hate,
That betrayal was not her fate,
She tried to change her fate,
Restart her life then go straight

She now living life right
Trying to stay out of trouble with all her might
Her life is not replayed
She is now great not betrayed

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