True Meanings

May 1, 2008
By Destiny Silva, Westminster, CA

Once upon a time, she was such childish fool
She didn’t know what love until she met him
Pretending to be unnoticeable because she was shy
To say hi
She tried her best to get his attention eventually,
But nothing went by
So she saved up her courage to talk to him one time.
She smiled and giggled and looked up to the sun
I was so happy and cheerful
Admitting she loved him,
She was so nervous and naïve.
They were so different, why couldn’t she see
That they weren’t meant to be
But she still had kept her head up high,
And hoped he felt the same.
He broke her heart and tore her soul
But he didn’t care a bit
So she’ll say she’s sorry
Sorry that she bothered him,
That she’s not that great
Sorry that he couldn’t realize
The true her at all

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