May 1, 2008
By Stephanie Southwell, Bronx, NY

I love dark skin
I always have
Its beautiful sweet pleasure to look at when the sun hits it
Irresistible the way sweat glides off of it in sleepy strolls
And I loved a boy with this kind of gift
Boy was he gorgeous with his long lashes, deep brown eyes, and legs so long and lean
His smile so welcoming, his presence so clean
But what stood out the most was that dark skin
The way it stretched out on his bones and wrapped itself tightly around his muscles
His skin, his beautiful skin gleamed with the sunlight
It resembled an African prince with power and might
And I loved this boy with all my heart
Never did I dream, my fingers and his skin would part.
I loved him, I loved him. Oh. How I loved him
Everytime he hugged me, his arms would flex
And his muscles and skin would transform into a beautiful chocolate ocean
I would look into his eyes masked with a Nubian beauty unlike no other and smile
He was mine. His skin was mine. And I loved him.

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