36 Sounds of Pure Happiness

May 1, 2008
By Megan Carney, Tucson, AZ

Finding someone you can’t live without
Being with them forever
Simple compliments
The kindness of a smile
Being described as beautiful
A hand in hope
Nervousness in the pit of your stomach
Giving the benefit of the doubt
Finding hope in change
Finding change from hope
Being yourself
Loving yourself
Believing in who you are
Believing in the person you will become
Knowing that person will feel happiness
Becoming that person
Lending a hand
Lending your heart
Gaining your hearts desire
Being with someone you love
And not having to say a word
Silence in being alone
Not knowing the future
But still believing that everything will turn out fine
Knowing you dreams are still in reach
Seeing a smile on someone's face
Knowing you put it there
Making a life better
Knowing that life is better because of you
Knowing happiness will always be pure
No one can take that away from you
Seeing happiness
Tasting happiness
Hearing happiness
Are all the sounds
That make up happiness.

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